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Our Exclusive Solid Cologne is designed to complement your Life.Style. Handcrafted with carefully selected quality ingredients (Coconut Oil, Local Beeswax, Shea Butter and Fragrance Oil) formulated for smooth, easy application.
To apply:
Gently glide finger over cologne and dab on wrist, chest, behind ears and neck.
Pocket Size (.5oz) | Targeted Application | Evolves throughout the day | No Spill | Travel Friendly | On the Go (Gym, Errands, etc...) | Layering (Add to create your own scent) | Unisex
Fragrance Oil:
Signature | Invigorating citrus notes with clean, smooth minty tones (A Timeless Fragrance)
Tobacco | Smooth Tobacco notes with undertones of earthy vetiver, whiskey and rum
Bay Rum | Essence of Bay Leaves, with bright notes of orange zest for a nice Vintage Scent
Leather | Freshly Tanned Leather, with a hint of summer saddle soap for a unique deep scent