What Ingredients do we use in our Beard Balms, Oils, Juice, Soap etc…?

Beeswax - All natural, from a local apiary. Gives the beard balm its hold.

Shea Butter/Oil - Has a rich, luxurious texture that conditions and moisturizes every skin type.

Kokum Butter - Produced from the seeds of the Kokum tree’s (Garcinia Indica) fruit. Believed to promote skin elasticity, prevention of skin dryness, and restoration of damaged skin.

Cocoa Butter - Nourishes and moisturizes skin and hair.

Argan Oil - From Morocco, adds shine and moisture. It helps soothe damaged and irritated skin and is easily absorbed.

Jojoba Oil - This oil is one of the most popular oils and is used to soften hair and skin.

Hemp Seed Oil - Is non-greasy and absorbs easily into the skin. It has rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. Great for manageability and shine.

Sweet Almond Oil - Great for nourishing and reviving skin. It is easily absorbed and promotes soft, clear and healthy skin.

Apricot Oil - Great for softening hair and soothing irritated skin while providing moisture.

Grapeseed Oil - Has a silky and rich texture that is soothing for dry and irritated skin. Great for conditioning hair.

Coconut Oil - Conditioning moisturizer for your skin and beard. Leaves skin feeling silky and refreshed.

Castor Oil - Helps support and soften healthy skin and hair.

Avocado Oil - Moisturizes and softens dry or cracked skin. Great hydrating properties.

Vitamin e - Helps to moisturize the skin and keep skin looking healthy.

Lanolin - natural moisturizing properties, soothes and softens the skin, 

Castile Soap - An all natural chemical free liquid soap.

Soap Bar - All Natural Shea Butter Soap

Lotion - Shea Butter + Aloe Lotion

What Essential Oils do we use?

Ylang Ylang - soothing, comforting, romantic (Pleasant, Floral)
Peppermint - revitalizing, invigorating, cooling
Tea tree - cleansing, purifying, renewing
Eucalyptus - revitalizing, invigorating, clarifying
Lavender - soothing, normalizing, balancing
Vanilla - comforting, relaxing, nurturing
Patchouli - romantic, soothing, stimulating (Musky, Earthy)
Juniper Berry - restoring, empowering, balancing
Clove - warming, soothing, comforting
Cinnamon - warming, stimulating, refreshing (Warm and Spicy)
Pine Tree - purifying, centering, refreshing
Anise - uplifting, balancing, comforting (Licorice-Like)
Frankincense - relaxing, focusing, centering (Mild Camphor & Citrus)

Fragrance Oil - Variety of amazing scents